Diversity Smart Groups


These days, amidst a backdrop of extreme politics and negative press, it looks like racial dissonance has increased; threatening the world we want for ourselves, our children and our children’s children. The places we’ve looked to for leadership and modeling are the most broken. And so, afraid of backlash, we’ve settled into a dangerous silence.

But G-d has called us to be conduits of healing. A call too important…too life-giving to wait for an organic movement that MIGHT bring our communities to the Kumbayah we desire.

Introducing emBrace Diversity Smart Groups-a safe space for sharing, listening and engagement. Weekly meetings that approach racial reconciliation as a journey, not an exercise in niceness. Participants unlearn old habits, embrace forgiveness and take intentional steps toward new experiences and planting seeds of healthy, #unracialized communities and churches. 

emBrace Diversity Smart Groups is the way to have the conversations we want to hear and create the realities we want to live. 

Join us.
Transform or lose the future ... there is no third alternative

EmBrace Conference

Not quite ready to host a smart group, but you ARE ready to impact your church or community?
Why not host an embrace weekend event? We'll do all the work, you'll get all the benefits. We will facilitate a weekend of dynamic non-confrontational conversations, activities and resolutions that we guarantee will change your life and your relationships forever. 

Heading this initiative is Leslie Haskin, NY Times Best Selling Author and spokeswoman for human rights org.  Leslie is an entrepreneur and a visionary who, in 2006, saw the need to bridge the ever widening racial gap; aligning churches, community and individuals to achieve a new norm … an equally relevant and unracialized society.

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